Art & Design


The Art department strives to build confident, creative students, who become personally engaged with their studies and who independently direct their creative journeys.

Art is a superb preparation for a number of opportunities in the creative field, including Fine Art, History of Art, Fashion and Architecture and the School offers GCSE, AS and A2 Level, and IB options. For those continuing past GCSEs, the department follows a Fine Art Syllabus with a separate qualification in Photography.

Whether continuing studies beyond GCSE or not, we encourage and support our students to produce work that they never knew they were capable of achieving. We also pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking department, embracing new technologies and combining them with traditional techniques. Drawing underpins all creative processes at Worth and to refine this skill we provide projects throughout the key stages that introduce students to a wide range of drawing techniques and media.

The art staff are experts in a variety of specialisms and our teachers keep up to date with the current European art scene and are encouraged to consistently practise their own work.

The end-of-year shows are a celebration of every student's creative achievements and the pupils' progress throughout the year is regularly documented on our art and photography blogs. Both blogs are a valuable learning resource for both staff and pupils.

For both IB and A Level students, we offer two life-drawing classes every week which are compulsory. In these sessions, students learn measured academic drawing as well as other experimental drawing techniques.


Students who opt for GCSE Art follow the AQA specifications: 60% coursework and 40% examination. We cover a variety of topics and use a wide range of 2D and 3D materials. There is a 10-hour examination at the end of the course.

AS/A2 Level Art & Design

Students continuing Art into the Sixth Form have a choice of routes, going on to take Art AS and A2 or the International Baccalaureate (IB).Those studying AS and A2 can follow the Edexcel Board's Fine Art course. Under this umbrella, students are able to develop a range of disciplines including: painting, drawing, printing making, sculpture and mixed-media. In their sketchbooks and journals, students are expected to provide evidence of their research, sources, thought process, design, composition and experimentation.

Students take two units for both AS and A2 syllabuses, and sit an eight-hour or 12-hour examination respectively.

AS/A2 Level Photography

If students decide to take the AS and A2 courses in Photography (AQA Examining Board) they will explore a range of lens- and light-based media, techniques and processes, including both traditional and new technologies. Areas of study include: portraiture, landscape photography, still life, documentary photography, fine art, photographic installation, moving image photography (e.g., television, film and animation) and new media practice.

IB Visual Arts

Alternatively, post GSCEs, students can opt to study IB Visual Arts, at Standard or Higher Level. The course is widely based and students create their own studio work in a variety of media and disciplines, which in addition to drawing and painting, include sculpture, printmaking and alternative media. Again, at the heart of the work throughout the course is the student's research workbook, effectively their own visual diary of how they have gone about finding solutions to the problems they are set. IB results are based 60% on studio work and 40% on research workbooks.