Modern Foreign Languages


The Modern Languages Department at Worth delivers the teaching of French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Russian. We aim to engender in our students an enthusiasm for the language and culture of the country concerned. We need to prepare our students for an increasingly multicultural, multilingual world as well as in the context of existing and emerging business markets.

Three key practices help us to achieve these aims:

  • Use of the target language in class is established best practice. There are nine native speakers, two German, three French, two Spanish, one Italian and one Chinese, in our team of experienced and motivated language teachers.
  • There is a busy exchange programme with well-established links with schools in France and there are also regular residential trips to Spain and Germany.
  • Satellite television channels, internet and intranet sites, and video-conferencing give our students direct access to their target languages.

Years 7 to 9

French is taught to all students in Years 7 and 8. In Year 9, students opt to study either one or two of the following languages: French, German and Spanish.

Years 10 & 11

Students can choose to study French, German and Spanish to GCSE Level. Classes are streamed and we are proud of our excellent GCSE results. Native speakers or near-native speakers of French and Spanish are taught separately and may sit their GCSE at the end of Year 10. In addition, students may study GCSE Chinese, Italian, Polish and Russian by private tuition.

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, there is a menu of courses in Modern Languages, including AS and A2, as well as a range of IB courses. In the IB we offer German and Italian 'A' language courses for native speakers; 'B' language French, Spanish and German are available as Higher and Standard Level courses, and Italian and Spanish can be studied as 'ab initio' beginner courses.