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High standard for Classics Essay Competition

The standard of entries was hugely impressive for this year’s Classics Essay Competition.

The second annual competition is open to Year 9 Latinists and pupils were tasked with producing an academic essay of at least 1,500 words on a classical topic of choice.

The topics included – Greek: Sparta; Ancient Olympic Games; Alexander the Great. Roman: Slavery in the Roman world; Reasons behind the success of the Roman army; Design and function of Hadrian’s Wall in Roman Britain; Roman theatre; Roman public bathhouses.

In the final assembly of the academic year, prizes were presented by the Head Master, Mr Stuart McPherson, to the three winning entries.

The Classics Cup and a £50 book voucher went to Octavia LM for her essay on Alexander the Great which was deemed to be in-depth, wide ranging and insightful, scoring 19 out of 20. Second place went to Lauren T for her essay on ‘Masters and their roles with slaves’ which won her a £30 book voucher and third was Joseph P for his work on ‘Routine at Roman baths’, which won him a £20 book voucher.