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Worth students help sea turtle protection society

A cheque for £250 has been handed over to ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, as a result of an innovative business project two Worth students started.

For their CAS project, IB students Timeo and Felix set up WAQUA Ltd, a subscription based, weekly water delivery service to boarding houses at Worth. One of the scheme’s aims was to encourage the recycling of plastic bottles among students at Worth, with a proportion of the profits raised being donated to charity, including the ARCHELON project in Zakynthos.

The scheme has been a big success, to a point where Timeo’s brother Antonio – who is now at Worth in Year 12 – has joined the company. The business is also being expanded to other schools and WAQUA is hoping to extend its product range to include healthy snacks.

During the summer, Timeo and Antonio travelled to Zakynthos with their family to present a cheque from the first month’s profits to ARCHELON, a charity which helps to protect sea turtles and their habitats in Greece through monitoring and research, developing and implementing management plans, habitat restoration, raising public awareness and rehabilitating sick and injured turtles.

During the trip, Timeo was able to find out more about the cause that the ARCHELON volunteers are working for. He said: “I really liked the work they were doing. ARCHELON is a small charity, which is run entirely by volunteers, it doesn’t make any profits and isn’t a commercial charity. The work which they are doing is critical to the population of the Loggerhead sea turtle in Zakynthos. I wanted to know that the profits we make are having a direct impact, and after launching our partnership this summer, I am confident that we have made the right decision.”

WAQUA’s water delivery scheme is based on a deposit recycling system, encouraging students to earn a credit for every recycled bottle with the bottle lids acting as token. Each earned token allows the consumer to receive a credit that gets subtracted from the total cost of the subscription. The WAQUA team then collects all the empty plastic bottles and deposits them in recycling bins on site at Worth.

As part of the IB diploma, students do a CAS (creativity, action or service) project which teaches them valuable life skills and is a key part of the Core Curriculum.

To read more about the work ARCHELON do click here or watch this video here.

The picture shows the cheque being presented to ARCHELON volunteers in Zakynthos this summer.