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Alumni in the News: Luca Quirici

Thu, Nov 11th, 2021
Worth School

With a creative mind, a sense of adventure and a business head following his education at Worth, Luca Quirici launched a new company which is now thriving. Read Luca’s story in our latest ‘Alumni in the News’ feature.

After leaving Worth, Luca Quirici (Chapman, 2016) went to study Football Business and Media at UCFB Wembley, with the intention of becoming a sports journalist or working in television. Having graduated three years later with a 2:1, he soon realised that working within the media was not the career path he wanted to go down, so took a customer service-based roll in a London accountancy firm.

In 2020 Luca’s intention was to leave his job to go travelling but COVID scuppered that plan. Instead, he chose to stick with the job and work from home. By December he was incredibly keen to find something more interesting to do and whilst chatting with a good friend one evening they came up with a plan. Having become popular during lockdown with people stuck at home, portable hot tubs were almost impossible to buy at that time and so it was suggested they start a business hiring them out. After a few weeks of research, they managed to buy one and as Luca explained: “We started by hiring it out to friends and family, but it was quickly in high demand, so we sourced a second and interest continued to grow.”

Luca and his friend, Leo, had intended to juggle the hot tub hires around their day jobs, but within weeks orders went through the roof and they both resigned from their jobs, knowing they needed to concentrate on their expanding business which they named Surrey Bubbles.

Luca said: “We quickly had to scale up. It started with just Leo, me and my car. By April this year we had two vans, 60 hot tubs and a storage unit. My mother runs the cleaning team, whilst my girlfriend oversees the marketing and helps with set-up. In June, we appeared on the Channel 5 documentary Hot Tub Brits: More Bubbles Please, in which our story was documented to over two million people, and we have featured on several business-related podcasts and magazines.”

Their recent social media marketing campaign ‘The #bubblehunt’ has been a huge hit each week across social media with their tubs turning up in all sorts of interesting places, such as Piccadilly Circus, as our second picture shows.

Having now completed over 700 rentals, they have recently moved into new premises in Lingfield and are making plans to expand the business further.

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