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Alumni in the News: Patrick Sanders

Thu, Mar 10th, 2022
Worth School

Worth is delighted to hear that General Sir Patrick Sanders has been appointed the new Chief of the General Staff with effect from June 2022, making him head of the British Army at a pivotal time.

Patrick spent his formative years at Worth as a member of Rutherford House, leaving in 1984. This appointment is a huge honour and the Worth community is extremely proud of what Patrick has gone on to achieve since leaving the School.

The appointment comes as a hugely important time. Patrick said: “The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a stark reminder that the world is becoming increasingly dangerous and uncertain with war on land coming to Europe for the first time in decades. The British Army will play its part in defending the UK and our allies as we have for centuries.”

Upon leaving Worth, Patrick was commissioned into The Royal Green Jackets and spent his early career in Germany, Norway and the UK. He has subsequently commanded operations in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, and more recently has been Head of Strategic Command focusing on the threats posed by cyber warfare.

When the School contacted Patrick to pass on our congratulations, he said: “I feel honoured to be selected for the post. My time at Worth provided me with a set of values that I will draw on heavily in what promises to be a testing time as the head of the Army. I will always be inspired by those who took such care to educate and mentor me.”

Interviewed in 2014 for The Blue Paper – the School’s alumni magazine – Patrick talked about the two qualities that his time at Worth had highlighted – and selflessness. He said at the time: “Worth highlighted two of the qualities I value and envy most highly in my soldiers and officers. Both are indispensable to military leadership in peace, but especially in war. The first is humility – the ability to recognise that you may often be wrong, that everyone has equal value and that the best ideas often come from the most unlikely and junior sources. The second, selflessness – putting others first, giving credit to others and ultimately being prepared to put yourself in harm’s way for the sake of other people.

“Worth’s greatest gift to me was probably faith. When I have needed it, in my lowest moments, particularly at dark times on operations, the faith Worth instilled was a source of strength and comfort.”

Albeit those words were said eight years ago, the same values will hold Patrick in good stead as he takes on the challenge of this significant appointment. Congratulations Patrick.

The second picture shows Patrick during his time at Worth.

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