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Another inspiring lecture

Tue, May 10th, 2022
Worth School

Sixth Form students and Year 11 scholars enjoyed the latest in a series of inspiring lectures in our new Spencer Building last Friday.

The Spencer Lecture Series is intended to provide students with thought-provoking, scholarly, creative, philosophical, political, technological or social enriching information.

Our latest Spencer Lecture was on ‘Entrepreneurship’ by Steve Jackson, a current Worth parent. It was a fascinating talk and helpful for any students interested in business, innovation or simply those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our next Spencer Lecture will be this Friday with Brian Butler, from the New College of Humanities.

Mr Jackson is pictured with Dr Bruna Gushurst-Moore, Assistant Head (Sixth Form).

Do you have experience that will help our students see the world in a new way? We would love to hear from anyone who would be willing to contribute on anything from installation art to robotics, working for the Vatican to running an international business, singing for a living or investigating fraud. If you can help, please contact Dr Gushurst-Moore, Assistant Head (Sixth Form) at bgushurstmoore@worth.org.uk