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Another success for Debating Society

Fri, Nov 12th, 2021
Worth School

Members of the Debating Society represented Worth superbly this week as they won their debate in the first round of the MACE Debating Competition run by the English-Speaking Union.

Worth was competing against Lingfield School for a place in the next round. We were cast as the Government proposing the following motion: This house would require fathers to take paternity leave.

The debate was a lively one in which Benedict, Prime Minister, laid out an air tight definition of both ‘fathers’ and what was meant by ‘paternity leave’. Benedict was praised by the judge for successfully managing a point of order from Lingfield’s team in four seconds. The Deputy Prime Minister, Chris, continued the case for the government, successfully and efficiently rebutting the key arguments from the opposition in a manner that was praised by the judge. Finally, Worth’s team cemented their win through the speech delivered by the Government Whip, Murdo, who fully laid to rest any remaining comments from the opposition and asserted successfully that Worth had solidly won the debate and that the motion should be passed.

Well done to these three members of the society for a fine win in this debate. We look forward to Worth competing in the next round of this competition.

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