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Book of the Month promotes reading

Mon, Nov 8th, 2021
Worth School

At Worth we encourage a love of reading and a new initiative has been launched to promote books for pupils to read.

Pupils are being asked to vote for their favourite book and each month the librarian is choosing one nomination to be our ‘Book of the Month’. The book will then be showcased in the library and promoted to other pupils.

Our November Book of the Month is Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes, which was chosen by Brendan Aczel. He wrote: “Ghost Boys is a book that tells us the story of a young boy named Jerome. Jerome is a well-behaved boy and never gets into trouble, does his homework and looks after his sister. Apart from the last one he is a normal boy. But the plot takes a dark twist when he is shot and killed when his toy gun is mistaken for a real one. Jerome, now as a ghost, wanders in search of answers. There he finds out that he was not the only one.

Ghost Boys is a book I highly recommend. It has enough twists and turns throughout the book that keeps it interesting when reading. I would recommend this book to most age groups and even older and more seasoned readers should give it a try.”

Well done to Brendan for a great nomination.

Our new Sixth Form Centre will include a new school library for all pupils to use.