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Debating successes celebrated

Thu, Jul 7th, 2022
Worth School

Members of the Senior Debating Society were presented with a trophy and ties following a hugely successful term for the School.

During the Summer Term the Senior Debating Society won a national competition, the Ethics Cup at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and a team of three students won the regional final of the Rotary Debating Competition.

In the final assembly of the academic year the Ethics Cup was presented to the winning team, a presentation was made to the Rotary Debating team and ties were also presented to represent the award of School Colours.

Head of English, Mrs Dawn Clubb, who runs the Senior Debating Society, said: “Why should you look for ways to get involved in the Society? Yes, the ties are great, but the intangible benefits are even better. I have watched students who began in the Society, clearly out of their comfort zone, develop much greater levels of confidence and speak in front of crowds and, even more dauntingly, in front of their peers.

“This is a definite benefit. However, on reflection of our recent competitions, I think one of the greatest skills the Society is developing is listening. We live in a society where there is no shortage of speaking, constant advocating and incessant demanding, however, the ability to listen, filter and respond to this barrage is sometimes sadly lacking. I have watched the students in the Society become better and better at listening carefully. Sometimes it is only so that they can tear their opponents’ arguments apart, but in the case of The Ethics Cup listening was essential to build upon our opponents’ arguments and question small nuances of their arguments.

“These skills make us better citizens of the world and enable us to live in greater harmony with others, de-escalate conflict and work towards solutions to the world’s biggest problems.”

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