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A fascinating day for students

Fri, Oct 15th, 2021
Worth School

Sixth Form Psychology students enjoyed a fascinating day as they found out more about how the brain works.

Dr Guy Sutton, an expert in neuroscience and genetics, spent a day with students, teaching them about the properties and functions of the brain, as well as dissecting a sheep’s brain.

The annual Brain Day provided stimulating learning for students to complement their coursework.

A student account of the day

One student, Indya, wrote this about the day:

“From brain dissection to the future of technology, it would be an understatement to say that this day was an eventful one. The day started off with basic brain anatomy, where Dr Sutton explained the significance of neuroplasticity. Every day, our brains are affected by our external surroundings, and adapt accordingly. This is especially apparent in developing brains such as ours. I think that a popular favourite was when Dr Sutton demonstrated a dissection of a sheep’s brain that was conveniently scheduled right before lunch. While it was fun to hold the brain in our hands, it gave a great physical representation of what a brain actually looks like, which helped solidify the ideas we learned about in class.

“Then, we looked at how certain brain conditions can affect our personality. There was one particular case we looked at on how a brain tumour induced criminal activity within a patient, which sparked interesting debate on morality and ethics. Lastly, the future of technology in the context of psychiatry and neurobiology was fascinating. Even though we are aware of how technology is advancing, it was still quite a surprise to see some of the things being developed. There have been incredible advancements in terms of biomedical engineering to treat patients. Those who have lost both their legs can actually use brain signals to help them move bionic legs, or patients could use different brain signals to write without using hands. Can you believe that within the next decade, there will be technology that exists that can read brain signals in your head and translate that into text messages? It was such a great experience overall and Dr Sutton was really engaging in his lectures. I would definitely recommend the future Psychology students, whether that be A Level or IB, to attend the next Brain Day.”

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