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Head Master's Welcome

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Worth School

A welcome to Worth from the Head Master.

The path of life begins at school...

Welcome to our website, which has been designed to give you an introduction to Worth’s character as a school, and a sense of what your son or daughter might take away from their experience of being a pupil here.

At Worth, we know that their years at school form young people for their lives ahead – their values; how they come to see themselves as part of a community; what they have to offer society when they leave school – and we know how important these things are in providing a lifelong foundation for purpose and fulfilment.

We also know (of course) that education should be about hard work, academic ambition and the joy of exploration, and all within a culture where every pupil is supported and encouraged by highly motivated, friendly and deeply engaged teachers. Every one of the 675 pupils at Worth benefits from the high standards that we set ourselves in all these areas. At the same time as being an academically selective school, we take nothing for granted, and we work hard to nurture every individual pupil’s desire to do well and enjoy being at school, and to ultimately find through personal exploration their own particular direction in life.

The School’s character, its education with heart and soul, is best seen up close – in our service activities, the way we play sport, our art and music, our Benedictine tradition, the faith life of the School, the way people interact with each other. Please do come and visit to see these things in action at Worth.

Stuart McPherson, MA
Head Master


Virtual meetings are held throughout the academic year to enable prospective families to meet the Head Master in person, with Mr McPherson sharing his thoughts on how Worth delivers ‘Education with Heart and Soul’, and to offer opportunities to ask any individual questions that parents may have.

Book a Meet the Head Master session here.

Head Master's Welcome
Head Master's Welcome
Head Master's Welcome