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A helping hand through life

Wed, Mar 9th, 2022
Worth School

Careers help and advice at Worth starts in school but it goes way beyond the years of secondary education. In National Careers Week, we look at the plethora of opportunities offered to support Worthians on their journeys through life.

Worth Society, our alumni association, helps the onsite careers team at school before picking up the mantle as students prepare for higher education and careers by providing a broad range of support, networking and mentoring links.

Their flagship event is a Careers Networking Evening, which takes place each year in London. Young alumni contact Worth Society asking to speak to someone about a particularly career path and the Society will then match them with someone in that line of work for an informal chat.

This year’s event, on Wednesday 6 April, will be hosted by Worthian Michael Cook of Castell Wealth Management on the rooftop of their stunning offices in Lombard Street, London, with fantastic views over the city. The evening will include guest speaker James Baybutt, an experienced recruiter and life coach, who will talk about the current state of the UK recruitment market following the pandemic and how to go about applying for positions. James also gave an online talk to young alumni in January, giving particular advice on CV writing and how to prepare for interviews.

Worth Society’s online platform is called Worth Connecting and is open to all registered members. The platform includes access to more than 500 registered Worthian mentors – former students and parents – and a jobs board which has recently shared several graduate and internship opportunities. It also offers access to careers resources and articles.

Other ways the Worth Society can help Worthians is through direct contact with the Society manager; providing speakers for school events; getting former students back to share their post-school experiences; and offering help with work placements.

While some will just wave goodbye to students at 18, Worth offers lifelong support and the many avenues of careers support open to Worthians are quite eye-opening.

National Careers Week, which runs from 7 to 12 March, is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK.

For more about Worth Society and Worth Connecting click here.