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IB Diploma project is impressive

Wed, Dec 1st, 2021
Worth School

Year 12 German IB A literature Higher Level students have been showing their creative talents while engaging in a fun literary project.

The class was asked by Mrs Beadle to create a different text type based on the literary work they are currently studying, Fräulein Else by Arthur Schnitzler. This was not part of the curriculum, but an opportunity to show how effective a more ‘creative task’ could be.

The idea was for students to experience the thought processes of a ‘narrator’ and how and what he/she wants to communicate with the readers. One group chose to create a graphic novel/comic based on the novella, while the other group wrote a newspaper article focusing on the tragic ending and the scandal in which the main protagonist was involved.

The work produced was hugely impressive.

Worth is one of the UK’s top schools for the IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate), with a five-year average of 36+ points and 20 years’ experience.

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