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Head Master issues challenge to students

Students were welcomed back to Worth today with a challenge to make time for matters of real value.

Head Master Mr Stuart McPherson spoke in the first assembly of the Lent Term about new year’s resolutions, suggesting they should not just be about restricting or changing the things you put into your body – in terms of food or, in the case of adults, alcohol – but instead can be about what people put into their minds.

Mr McPherson asked students to think about what your mind is full of (he used the term 'mind-fullness') and how you might set about changing that composition. He equated it to a mobile phone’s storage space being used up with apps which were not being used or which could be classified as a waste of space.

The Head Master also talked about new research into teenage depression and the significant impact the use of social media in the hour or two before sleep can have on mental health. He suggested to students to try reducing their social media use and instead use some of the ‘storage space’ in your mind for such things as reading a book, building friendships, going for walks, exercising and finding time for God.

Mr McPherson said: “So there’s a challenge for you, because I’m guessing that when you get to some significant moment in your life – say when you turn 21, 30 or even 50 – you would not want to see that some too-high percentage of your time had been devoted to things of no real value and you would want to see that your contribution to the world around you amounted to much, more more than a torrent of images you sent that automatically disappeared into nothingness.

“I wish you a very good term; set yourself some goals and take them seriously.”