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Science challenges are great fun

Year 12 students have been taking part in a series of scientific challenges as part of their IB Group IV project.

This is a collaborative exercise where students work in groups to tackle a series of challenging science and design tasks. The aim of the Group IV Project is for the students to broaden their scientific understanding, develop their teamwork skills and it also counts towards their hours of practical work.

They enjoyed two full days of practical activities which included working out the height of the Clock Tower, determining an unknown liquid, building a windmill which could lift a 20g weight using a hairdryer, calculating the number of peas in a jar and an ‘egg parachute’ challenge. Then last Wednesday the students presented their findings and prizes were awarded.

The project gets its name from one of the six groups from which students must select subjects in the IB course – Group IV, which includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as other additional sciences.

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