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Worth School prefects 2019-20

Worth School’s prefects for 2019-20 were formally announced at Speech Day.

Head Master Mr Stuart McPherson made presentations to each of the new prefects during speeches in the Abbey Church and later had a photograph taken with the group.

The 2019-20 Worth School prefects are, Senior Prefects – Head Girl: Sophie Ritchie; Head Boy: Cristobal Halffter; Deputy Head Boy: Anthony Jones; Deputy Head Girl: Isabell Veith.

School Prefects – Head of St Anne’s: Harriet P; Head of St Catherine’s: Sophie HB; Head of St Mary’s Sixth: Martha B; Head of St Bede’s: Angus S; Head of Butler: Christian DN, Head of Chapman: Mathew M; Head of Farwell: Anthony J; Head of Rutherford: Nicholas FD; Head of Gervase: Bruno JB.

Prefects with particular areas of responsibility – Co-Curriculum and Sport Prefects: Elizabeth M, Benedict S, Meg I (Drama), Carla MR (Visual Arts); Chaplaincy Prefects: Christian DN, Dzifa L; Academic Prefects: Henri DC;, Nathanael A, Liliana P, Helen R; Music Prefects: Freya B, Elizabeth MD, Zoey Y; Pastoral Prefects: Zara L, Lily G; St Mary’s Middles Prefects: Dzidzor L, Carola C; Austin House Prefects: Oliver GM, Eleanor B, Georgina H.

Congratulations to all the students above.