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A life-changing gift

Fri, Jun 10th, 2022
Worth School

A former student who is now studying Medicine at Cambridge University has spoken about the ‘life-changing’ gift of a bursary which made it possible for him to attend Worth School.

After spending his Sixth Form years at Worth, Polish scholar Michael Graczyk moved on to Cambridge where he gained a Bachelor’s degree last year in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour and is now continuing his medical studies with the ambition of working as a scientist and a doctor.

Michael came to Worth on a bursary in 2016 and went on to achieve 44 points out of maximum of 45 in his IB Diploma. Speaking at our recent Diamond Ball, Michael talked about how transformative it was for him to be able to come to Worth.

He said: “I come from a low-income family in Eastern Europe. My mother works as a Russian language teacher, my father as an electrician. I wasn’t aware that schools like Worth existed beyond fiction books until I was in Year 11.

“What I found here was nothing short of life-changing. A welcoming and international community at St Bede’s became my true home. Most importantly, at Worth my approach to learning changed forever. Every teacher I met here, whether in the classroom or in afternoon clubs, not only answered my every question, but would keep challenging me, pushing me to achieve the best I could.

“Thanks to that, Worth was an environment in which I developed and thrived – in academics and beyond. At Worth I found joy and excitement in learning thanks to inspiring tutors and teachers I met here.”

In a wonderful, emotive speech, Michael continued: “I am now in my clinical medical studies and I have just finished my emergency placement where I helped out with A&E shifts. I found my passion for psychology, neuroscience and behaviour in which I gained a Bachelor’s degree last year. I have had the best time working with leading scientists in this field, going to conferences and preparing publications with them. In the future I want to work as a scientist and a doctor in the UK, advancing our knowledge of the biological basis of behaviour. Looking back, I know for sure that my time at Worth shaped me as a learner and equipped me with skills that were instrumental in getting me to where I am now.”

He finished by adding: “For me, the bursary from Worth has been transformative because people I’ve met here (at Worth) supported me in my journey to medicine.”

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