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Meet the Forerunners: Chris Wyles

Wed, Apr 20th, 2022
Worth School

From being a boarder at Worth to returning years later as part of the Chaplaincy team, Chris Wyles is well placed to help students on their journey through school.

Having spent five years in Rutherford House as a boy, Chris understands how forming rounded individuals is central to the School’s pledge to deliver education with heart and soul.

Last summer Chris came back to Worth as a member of the Forerunners team, a community of young adults who provide vibrant and engaging youth ministry to our pupils. Being able to play his part in helping to shape the current generation of pupils was a huge appeal in his desire to return.

Chris, who has also worked as a PE teacher, said: “Worth is a very unique place, a very special place. I have been involved with other schools, but few places are still holding on to forming whole people, forming character, forming rounded individuals who are aware of themselves, aware of their place in the world and aware of society, so that is very special. That has always been led and formed by the Benedictine character of the School which I remember quite fondly.

“I hadn’t been back to the School for eight or nine years but driving in when I was coming for my interview I could just feel the peace over the place and that is a unique experience. I think my heart has always been here.

“The opportunity to journey with the young people here, helping with sport but also being attached to Rutherford, my old boarding House, is something special. To come alongside those guys and help them through the journey of school, which is challenging, that is a very precious experience. School is a difficult stage of anyone’s life and you need support. What Worth does well is it invests in providing support for people; they did in the past and they do even more so now. I valued that support a lot as a boy so I am sure it is valued now.”

After leaving Worth, Chris studied Sports Science and Geography at Loughborough University, before training as a PE teacher but it was a discipleship year spent at St Peter’s Church in Brighton which shaped his own future journey. He said: “That was a powerful year and I met some very important people in my life. I rediscovered faith and bit by bit the walk with the Lord became the most central part of my life.”

Before returning to Worth, Chris worked as PE teacher at a school in Brighton and he also ran a men’s mental health and physical health charity group.

One of Chris’s roles in the Forerunners team is being responsible for the Chaplaincy Reps programme. It is a role which he finds very rewarding. He said: “It has also been really beautiful to see some of the senior students really grow in servant leadership supporting the younger guys in the House. That is part of my job is equipping the senior guys in the Houses to support the younger guys. Even if it is just the Year 13s mentoring the Year 10 Confirmation candidates, that is really special.”

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