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Meet our new Director of Mission

Fri, Jan 21st, 2022
Worth School

Providing opportunities for pupils to explore their faith is fundamental to the work of the Chaplaincy team here at Worth led by our new Director of Mission, Dan Harris.

Dan stepped up to the role at the start of the new term, having led the Forerunner team as the Chaplaincy Team Leader since 2020.

It is his own experiences which drive him to continue the excellent work taking place at the School by providing vibrant and engaging youth ministry to our pupils and staff.

Dan said: “I was a cradle Catholic and I had a moment of conversion when I went to World Youth Day in Cologne in 2005. That was when faith came alive for me.

“A large appeal of the role of Director of Mission is to continue the great work that has been started by Will Desmond. The other big appeal is establishing Worth as a national example of mission work and of what the mission can achieve within a school context. There are various projects we are working on to support this, such as sending outreach mission teams into local primary schools. Worth is a very strong example of the value of Chaplaincy work.

“It is about the idea of excellence, making a difference in young people’s lives and providing the opportunity for encounter with God, as I experienced myself. The Oasis group, Confirmation programmes, Wednesday Worship, these are all there to provide those opportunities for encounter and discipleship.”

Before joining Worth, Dan had a varied range of life experiences and careers, as he explains: “Previously I ran a concert promotion business: the National Student Music Awards, a competition to find the best student band in the country. I was also a youth minister in a New Zealand parish for three years. I play the guitar, keyboard and sing, and have played in various bands in the past.

“This is my seventh year in Chaplaincy work. What excited me about coming to Worth was the opportunity to work on a well-established mission that has the support of the whole school and to do that work as part of a team dedicated to the mission, where the school values are embedded into everyday life. I also love the beautiful school and abbey grounds.”

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