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Merit certificates presented

Wed, Apr 6th, 2022
Worth School

Dedication to the School’s six core values was acknowledged when academic merit certificates were presented at the end of term assembly.

At Worth we believe values are fundamental to the formation of who we become. Our six values are: humility, silence, worship, community, stewardship, service.

In a celebratory assembly last Friday, it was announced that 6,841 merits had been awarded in the Lent Term, which reflects 12 weeks of hard work, participation and contribution to our community living. Merits are linked to our school values, so if a pupil is working diligently and putting in an improved effort, they might receive a merit for humility or silence. If a pupil has gone out of his/her way to help in House or get involved in a House charity, they might get a merit for community. If a pupil tides up a mess, even it if was not their mess, they might get a merit for stewardship.

The merits for each House were counted and the following certificates were presented – Community: Gervase; Humility: Austin; Silence: Chapman; Service: Gervase; Stewardship: St Bede’s; Worship: Austin.

Well done to the achievements of our pupils in the Lent Term.

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