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Powerful speeches on the beauty and spirit of Worth

Thu, Jun 6th, 2024
Worth School

Our departing Head Boy and Head Girl spoke about the beauty and the spirit of Worth when they delivered empowering talks on Speech Day.

Guilhem and Gigi delivered excellent speeches in the Abbey Church on Speech Day, which is the highlight of the academic year at the School.

Speaking first, Guilhem said: “I think I can speak for most of those leaving today when I say that Worth is this chance to glimpse something of life as it was imagined by God. In a true spirit of community, humility, worship, service, stewardship and silence. These values repeated and repeated and ingrained into our daily lives overtime went from a vague comprehension of an ethical lifestyle into the realisation that these form the very basis of our human life.

“It is this extraordinary balance of the motivation that develops the mind and soul, in an environment of continuity and tranquillity offered by this site and especially this magnificent abbey.”

He went on to finish by saying: “Every year, the face that comes up to this stand may change and the staff sitting behind me may alter but, fundamentally, what remains here and in the hearts of every person that has been to Worth – students, teachers, monks, staff, cleaners, grounds staff, visitors – is the indelible impression of a landscape unlike any other. Not only physically but spiritually. I believe the reason we are all here today is to celebrate this haven of peace, which will stay with us all for the rest of our lives.”

In her speech, Gigi said: “Thinking about what to say this morning as a representative of both my year group and the whole pupil body, one word came to mind more than any other – spirit. For me, this captures something essential about the experience of being a pupil at Worth. The spirit of the monastic community with whom we share this beautiful Abbey Church and the amazing estate that surrounds it. The Holy Spirit that guides us, and who we invite into our community again and again when we come into this place for Wednesday Worship. And the indomitable spirit that courses through the pupils, teachers and support staff in a way that helps to make Worth a very special place to have been – to be. It is spirit that propels us forward in the face of adversity, that ignites our passions and binds us together as a community.”

Gigi finished by saying: “It is often said that your school years are some of the best years of your life. I am happy to confirm this has been true for my fellow leavers and for me – our time at Worth has been unforgettable. Our teachers and the monastic community have taught us so many things of lasting value and have given us real spirit of Worth to take out into the world: how to be respectful of others, kind and equipped to be able to shake off failures and try again.

“So I say to this year’s leavers: though memories will fade, friendships will drift and we may be scattered far and wide, I can promise you all one thing: that the spirit of Worth will remain with us all the rest of our lives.”

Thank you to Gigi and Guilhem for everything they have done in their roles this year.

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