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Pupils excel at MUN conference

Wed, Oct 6th, 2021
Worth School

Worth pupils were commended for their outstanding contributions after representing the School with distinction at a Model United Nations conference last weekend.

A team of 15 delegates from Worth attended Reigate Grammar School’s 25th anniversary MUN conference on Saturday. Pupils displayed remarkable skill, nerve and wit in grappling with international crises as they represented Brazil, Niger and Thailand in this simulation of a real United Nations event.

Joining 150 pupils from different schools, it was a successful day for Worth. Pupils discussed topics ranging from xenotransplantation to nuclear weapons, the Uyghur genocide to Afghanistan. Matthew made valiant efforts to forge a South American alliance, Jack delivered an excellent speech on the merits of cryptocurrency for Brazil and Genevieve successfully amended an abortion law. After lunch, delegates were rushed to the General Assembly as the Taliban invaded Israel and Palestine.

We were proud to see Akshita (Year 12) and George (Year 8) receive awards for outstanding contributions as the delegates for Thailand and Niger. Congratulations to all involved.

Among other advantages, joining Worth’s MUN Society helps pupils develop their research skills and public speaking abilities.

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