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Pupils take part in international conference

Fri, Mar 18th, 2022
Worth School

Five members of the Model United Nations Society performed well and gained great experience when participating in an online international MUN conference with The English School in Bogota, Colombia, earlier this week.

Some members of the team were in the Council of the Titans committee representing Cyclops, Astraeus and Coeus, where they discussed the Titanomachy wars of Greek Mythology. They discussed how each Titan can use their powers effectively against the Gods of Olympus to win control of the cosmos. There were great discussions about creating weapons from redwood and quartz to harness the power of light to blind their opponents.

Other members were part of the FIFA committee representing the Argentine Football Federation and the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Football (CONCACAF). Delegates proposed the formation of an independent UN-run body to investigate corruption in football and raised a motion to make standing in stadiums legal.

Model United Nations conferences are a simulation of the United Nations for pupils in schools and higher education. They provide a great opportunity to develop research skills and public speaking abilities.

At Worth we offer both a senior and a junior MUN Society as part of the co-curricular programme.

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