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Students show their filmmaking skills

Fri, Jun 28th, 2024
Worth School

Year 10 students put their filmmaking skills to the test this week thanks to a fabulous day with The One Day Film School.

As part of activities week, the students learned the essentials of filmmaking including film history, fight choreography, how to use a camera and screenwriting.

They were then asked to work in groups for the ’10 Shot Challenge’ to create a silent film – with music – of up to two minutes based on a classic narrative such as ’Someone is kidnapped, an attempted rescue’.

The day finished with the 2024 Worth School Oscars as the judges, who were representatives of the Young Film Academy, took their seats for a premiere of the pupils’ films before deciding who would win Best Motion Picture, Best Performance and Best Technical Achievement.

A film titled ‘Critical Countdown’ was chosen as the Best Motion Picture and will now be put forward for the 2024 10 Shot Film Awards which recognises filmmaking excellence in 125 leading UK schools.

Not only was this an enjoyable day but it taught students certain skills they can use in other areas of life. Well done to all of our winners and thank you to The One Day Film School.

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