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Worth School Prefects 2022-23

Mon, Jun 6th, 2022
Worth School

Worth School’s Prefects for the 2022-23 academic year were announced on Speech Day.

Congratulations are offered to all the following students on attaining their prefect positions.

The 2022-23 Worth School prefects are – Senior Prefects: Head Girl: Amity Blowey; Head Boy: Freddie Bosshard; Deputy Head Girl: Genevieve Bailey; Deputy Head Boy: Sam Hardwicke.

School Prefects: Alyssia B, Beatrix C, Eden CH, Alexander DGR, Lucas H, Carlotta H, Meggie M, George M, Caspar R, Lorcan R, Akanimo U, Johanna VG.

Prefects with particular areas of responsibility – Co-Curriculum and Sport Prefects: Christian CT, Gabriel CT, Johanna VG, Meggie M; Chaplaincy Prefects: Eden CH, Sam H, Emily M, Henry W; Academic Prefects: Daniel AJ, Finian C, Szymon F, Max M; Music Prefects: Denis D, Harriet J; Drama Prefect: Efosa I; Pastoral Prefects: Izzy W, Grace W, Rebecca ZP; St Mary’s Middles Prefect: Emily M; Austin House Prefects: Theo J, Polly O, Chloe P.

The formation process for prefect applicants took place over 16 weeks and the quality of applicants was extremely high. Well done to everyone who was part of it.